Latest Issue - March 20, 2020

COVID-19 Impact & Influence on Textiles

While it’s too early to tell what the lasting impact of Coronavirus will be, a new reality is already starting to take shape in terms of the future of work and the relevance of textiles in our everyday lives. (Read More)

HeiQ Launches Antiviral Textile Tech

HeiQ’s new Viroblock NPJ03 is an antiviral and antimicrobial textile treatment proven effective against human coronavirus (229E) in facemask testing. (Read More)

Request for Domestic Producers

Domestic suppliers of specific items are being sought by the Department of Commerce and urged to respond immediately if their business meets certain criteria. The National Council of Textile Organization (NCTO) reached out to the SEAMS association to help identify... (Read More)

The Future of Gathering Arrives

Attending trade events from the comfort of your home or office is on the horizon. Organizations are debuting online industry gatherings starting soon for viewing at a computer or phone near you in coming weeks in an effort to connect in an age of social distancing. (Read More)

Archives - February 21, 2020

Spirit of Sustainability Unites Outdoor Industry

For all its divisions under the big top of the Colorado Convention Center — gear, apparel, fabric sourcing, footwear, camping, ski, wellness, snowboard, Venture Out, pet food (!) — the outdoor industry is united in its commitment to sustainability. (Read More)

For the Love of Lingerie

The Intimates market is experiencing change at a rapid rate. Small start-ups, often direct to consumer models, are giving established brands a run for their money by daring to be different, injecting new looks, fresh thinking and modern messaging into the lingerie status quo. (Read More)

Sweatshirts and Fanny Packs are Wardrobe Winners

What does it say about active outdoor when the top selling items are sweatshirts and fanny packs? According to recent market research, the sweatshirt business is strong. For instance, in the outdoor space, sweatshirt sales were up ... (Read More)

Eco News: Awards and Initiatives

Fashion Makes Change: A new industry-wide sustainability initiative that engages customers and brands around issues of environmental and social responsibility, with a particular focus on the education of women in the fashion supply chain, is slated to launch April 22... (Read More)

Archives - January 24, 2020

ISPO Textrends: Fashionable Technicity
for Active Outdoor

Responsible manufacturing, sustainability, and transparency are key for Fall/Winter 21/22 with new innovations also notable for a strong creative element that sets the latest developments apart from seasons past.(Read More)

Texworld Spotlights Sustainability & Millennial Style Functionality

A crop of new plant-based material developments drew considerable attendee interest at Texworld USA held in NYC earlier this week. Show goers crowded around displays of textile products made from citrus, pineapple, mushroom, coconut... (Read More)

New & Notable at Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show

A preview of introductions to watch for on the show floor at the upcoming Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show in Denver, CO, scheduled for Jan 29-31... (Read More)

How Textiles Shape Consumer Trends in 2020

Along with New Year resolutions January brings a flurry of articles on predictions about consumer trends in the year ahead. In recent Wall Street Journal reports textiles play a role in determining what consumers will wear and their shopping behavior in 2020. Here are three good examples... (Read More)

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