November OR Winter Market Show Folds

Traffic was light in the aisles of the November 2018 OR Winter Market.

Yesterday, the Outdoor Retailer team announced a decision to not hold the Winter Market show scheduled for November and instead return to a previous event schedule of a single trade gathering, Outdoor + Snow Show, staged January 29-31, 2020 in Denver.

An official statement explained, “While we believe that the winter season deserves a true launch event, for winter businesses, the priority is to bring outdoor and snow brands and buyers together in one place. And the overwhelming sentiment is for that event to be in January.”

The textile community has grappled with supporting a November event since organizers proposed a three show schedule in 2016.  Suppliers often debated whether to commit to January or November – or both – finding it difficult to justify the time and expense of traveling to Denver three times during the year. In fact, textile execs were not among those voicing a need for more shows in the first place.

This decision to focus on one winter gathering under one roof across industries will likely be welcomed by textile businesses. However, January 26–29, 2020 are the dates for ISPO Munich, a very popular fair for fabric producers, and may impact textile attendance in Denver.