UK Wool Specialist Puts Modern Spin on Sustainability

HDWool biodegradable insulation features in this jacket from Finisterre.

HDWool’s eco-savvy applications for this naturally renewable material is attracting outside investment to support further business development focused on sustainable development. Recently the UK-based company received funding from Sky Ocean Ventures and Innovate UK.

Jo Dawson founded HDWool from his passion to turn the natural benefits of wool into modern-world solutions for the consumer and the environment. By using specialist processing techniques and wool fiber blends, the company has developed an exciting use for the earth-friendly fiber. New to the market is HDWool biodegradable insulation materials principally for garments, that replace polyester wadding.

“Wool has always been known as a miracle fiber, but since HRH Prince Charles became involved with the Campaign for Wool, interest in it has resurfaced,” commented, Dawson, who serves as CEO.  “The trend these days is for even more technical fabrics that use biomimicry as inspiration – this is an opportunity to use the original fiber rather than imitate the incredible creations of nature.”

The wool used by HDWool is sourced from British sheep farmers who shear their winter coats every spring to ensure greater comfort for the animal. As there are over 100 varieties of sheep in the UK, the proprietary knowledge from the company is its expertise in blending the components of this UK-manufactured textile. Wool fibers dissolve within the sewage water-treatment system, so there is no concern in regard to today’s growing “ocean plastics” pollution problem with this product.

The UK Government’s Innovate UK and the Sky Ocean Ventures investments will allow product development to be completed faster while increasing bulk production capabilities, providing an eco option for brands for use instead of polyester, according to the company.

“To have two partners that not only recognize the potential of HDWool, but share the values of performance and environmental responsibility, is a really exciting step forward for this business,” said Dawson.

HDWool was formed by the firm H Dawson, a century-old Bradford wool merchant, recognized as an authority on wool fleece shorn from sheep. Wool provides warmth in cold conditions, offers superior permeability (breathability) in warmer climates, biodegrades naturally (in both the sea and the earth), insulates when wet, features excellent odor absorption properties and is naturally fire-retardant.