Eco Looks that Caught our Eye

Seen at Paragon Sports, and described as “post petroleum,” Veja running footwear is made with rice waste, banana oil, sugar cane and wild rubber.

In New York City showrooms and retail storefronts, sustainability is on full display. Veja footwear is front and center at Paragon Sports, while PrAna shows off its eco cred in a line-up of sustainable clothing that runs the gamut from recycled wool and poly to organic cotton and hemp, to PFC-free “water resistance without impact.” Newcomer brand to the USA, Houdini, is green to the core and brings the phrase “circular garment” to a growing lexicon of sustainable terminology.

PrAna offers an eco modern version of the traditional cotton eyelet look in this Faro Series bralette made with recycled polyester.
Houdini’s functional, yet relaxed fitting Enflold women’s jacket is a “circular garment” made with recycled material.