For the Love of Lingerie

Underargument lingerie features labels that address emotions culled from the UK firm’s consumer survey.  

The Intimates market is experiencing change at a rapid rate. Small start-ups, often direct to consumer models, are giving established brands a run for their money by daring to be different, injecting new looks, fresh thinking and modern messaging into the lingerie status quo.

Inclusivity, empowerment and body positive are the drumbeats shaping new attitudes about lingerie. Consumers are shaking up the intimates market by taking a contemporary approach to the retail experience; fusty lingerie departments stuck in the back of a shop or department store, don’t measure up anymore.

“Never in my whole life have I sees so much creativity than at this moment. It is a world where we’re seeing fantastic developments,” said Jos Berry, founder and creative director of Concepts Paris and renowned lingerie expert. In her superb presentation at the recent Curve/Interfiliere NY trade fair Berry emphasized that what’s happening today is more significant than a single trend. “It’s deeper than color or lightness. Changing consumer mindsets go deeper than lingerie. Because lingerie is a part of whole world of expression.”

Concepts Paris founder Jos Berry, right, with representative from Mexican apparel maker Entos.

Here, top takeaways from Berry’s talk on consumer mindsets influencing lingerie today:

A new reality exists that includes a community spirit of streetwear, a hybridization of the wardrobe and a desire for new retail experiences. “I’m a shopper, that woman who loves lingerie, and am disappointed about all this sameness, and also by being treated like I’m in a lingerie department. We need to make bras connected to how we live — not separated from the rest of the wardrobe.”

Along with new looks comes sustainable consideration and ethical production. “I have a strong reluctance to use the word ‘sustainability.’ I prefer to say ‘bioeconomy,’ because this goes deeper than a piece of recycled polyester. We are far away from eco is boring, and now we are into eco that is lovely, it is superb.”

Making good for feeling good. “The soul of lingerie today is less about volume and more about empathy.” Berry called out UK brand Underargument, both for its style and it’s innovative messaging that “pleases every woman.”

Technically speaking, anything goes if it fits today’s modern wardrobe. Overprinting, spray dyeing, yarn, laser cutting, all techniques are welcome for all ages of consumers.