February 13, 2019

Tech Upgrades Feature at Outdoor Retailer

It’s all about the membrane for Fall ’19. A few examples: Jumbo-size beakers bubbling away to represent advances in air permeability; electro-spinning being re-purposed for modern technical outerwear... (Read More)

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Three Award-Winning Brands Take Sustainability Further

Last week, Unifi announced the winners of its second annual REPREVE® Champions of Sustainability Awards. We’d like you to meet three of our winners and learn how they use REPREVE recycled materials and sustainable product design to be true champions for change. Sponsored by Unifi. (Read the full story here)

Fashion Friendly: Overcoming Redundancy

There is a growing belief that our industry is too focused on function and not enough on fashion. If this trend continues –watch out.  (Read More)

Eco Optics: Shining a Light on Sustainability

We didn’t see as many messages about sustainability at this show as at previous ORs, however, what was apparent at the most recent show is a new level of sophistication around sustainable story telling with bolder labeling, edgier language — especially around animal cruelty — and the new buzzword “circularity.” (Read More)

Earthy Ideas: Forward-Thinking Fabrications

Keep CiCLO on your radar. This new biodegradable technology is gaining traction in active/outdoor. Two interesting developments came to our attention at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show: Polartec is using CiCLO in fleece constructions; SwissTex features CiCLO tech in lightweight knit constructions for active/lifestyle performance tops. (Read More)

The Show Itself: Upbeat yet Uncertainty Remains

This was the second go ‘round of the industry-combined Outdoor Retailer Snow Show, and while not as bustling as its 2018 debut, this year’s trade gathering was generally upbeat. Reports of strong outerwear sales, along with other categories trending up gave execs reason to cheer. (Read More)

Commentary on OR/SS Winter 2019 by Kurt Gray

In his Almost Top 10 List report, Gray brings candor and insight to industry observations that run the gamut from product trending to politics, and from important issues of diversity and environmentalism to presenting a path forward. (Read More)

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