ISKO Unveils Impact Sustainability Report

ISKO Miles Johnson eco-collaboration features Conscious Denim.

Following in the footsteps of the company’s Responsible Innovation platform, ISKO has issued its first Impact Sustainability Report. The document provides an overview of the denim brand’s commitment to the planet and its people, and confirms ISKO’s holistic vision.

The Sustainability Impact Report shares what has been done within the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and ILO standard frameworks and provides in-depth information in relation to different targets across the supply chain, such as the management of environmental impacts, the oversight of supply chain processes, the use of raw materials, the achievements in research and innovation, the advocating for labor rights and freedom of association, and the implementation of better health and safety standards. It serves as a tool for brands and designers, supporting every aspect of their collections’ responsible development.

A part of the report is dedicated to EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) that offer quantifiable impacts evaluations, from water use, to carbon footprint and air pollution from the cotton fields to the customer.

The company asserts that ISKO was the first manufacturer worldwide to obtain independently verified EPDs for all of its more than 25,000 denim products, ensuring the replicability and validity of their Life-Cycle Assessments (LCAs) and enabling a one-to-one comparison among different products and fabrics.

All data included in the report has been assured by Control Union Certifications, a third-party auditing body working to provide tailored options for supply chains that require sustainable sourcing solutions.

“Our goal is to create fabrics that perform exceptionally and last longer whilst using fewer resources,” explained Ebru Ozkucuk Guler, senior sustainability & CSR executive at ISKO.

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