March 22, 2019

Smart Textiles: A Complex Eco-System

As is often the case with smart textiles, discussion seesaws between excitement about future possibilities and frustration about what is holding the industry back.  (Read More)

Seamless Work: New Take on Textile Tradition

A spot-on video installation, showcased at Old Slater Mill recently, brings viewers inside local factories to visually and emotionally experience what it’s like to work in textiles on any given day. (Read More)

News Briefs:  NCTO, Milliken, Under Armour, Schoeller

Kimberly Glas will be the new president and CEO of The National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO). At Schoeller, Michael Lowery has joined the North America team as sales manager. (Read More)

Final Thoughts on OR / Snow Show

From established brands to start ups, and from concept products to commercialized production, the winter 2019 Outdoor Retailer Snow Show was a good kick off event for the industry. (Read More)

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